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1975 Civic 1200 Lemons Racer

Hi Everyone, I would like to share the pics of my new Civics, destined for a 24 hours Lemons race car build. If you are not familiar with Lemons, the premise is you take a $500 car and go endurance racing. I had been trolling craigslist for a couple months looking for a potential candidate, and then through a friend I found a 1975 Civic 1200 and a 1979 Civic 1200 for sale. A small amount of cash later, and I had 2 cars.

The race car:

This is a 3-door 1975 Civic 1200. This guy came with factory air, though the compressor is no where to be found. The interior is pretty ragged out. The ignition switch must not work, because there is a starter switch mounted under the dash. It was last inspected (and presumably running) in 2011.

The parts car:

This is a 2-door 1979 Civic 1200. The parts car came with those fly 16″ Antera wheels and 1″ aluminum 4×120 to 4×100 spacer. Total Car Alarms is in Miami says the business cards in the glove box. As a Florida car it is very rusty, with holes in the floor. Many pieces already dismantled and in the car. The engine in this one has an aftermarket Weber (32/36?) that will hopefully find its way on the 75.

The 75 didn’t steer when I got it, I swapped the universals that connect the steering column to the rack from the parts car. I have also dropped the tank from the 75 and cleaned it out. I also had to drop the tank from the parts car to retrieve a fuel sender that hopefully works.

Here is a full gallery of the madness:
https://picasaweb.google.com/1087663013 … directlink

I’ll be looking for some 13″ Accord wheels, and trying to figure out how to improve handling without blowing the budget. The race car “ran when parked” so I’ll be optimistically trying to start it when I get the fuel tank back in and the electrical sorted out. I have Haynes and Chiltons on the way.

I’m in Austin, Texas, so if any locals want to check it out, let me know.


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Honda Factory Floor

Pictures from the factory floor by Blackbullet » Feb 2nd, ’15

Here’s a picture of a very early 1200 civic trunk model on the production line.
Follow the link above to follow the discussion on the forum. Remember to tank Blackbullet for sharing.
Factory Floor 1200 Factory Floor Assembly Line

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