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Welcome to the on-line community of First Generation Honda Owners. Currently have almost 3000 registered member to the site. Our beautiful antique auto mobiles range from the first 1973 Honda Civic to 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979; 1200′s and CVCC models. Accords, Preludes and all first generation cars as well as the classics.

Our strength as a group has allowed us to get exposure to the web and magazines. Our affiliates have a good reputation with members for fair service and good prices. Members themselves have been the sites best asset and many are willing to help out others whenever they can.

There is no special requirements to join. All are welcome and you don’t need to have a modified car to be accepted. Most members have stock or relatively stock cars.

Honda Factory Floor

Pictures from the factory floor by Blackbullet » Feb 2nd, ’15

Here’s a picture of a very early 1200 civic trunk model on the production line.
Follow the link above to follow the discussion on the forum. Remember to tank Blackbullet for sharing.
Factory Floor 1200 Factory Floor Assembly Line

Custom Profile Fields: Car’s and Wishes!

We have added custom profile fields to users signature.

New Profile Fields

New Profile Fields

This will help with identifying what car you own is referred to. Make it easy during topics to see what model may be referred to.
As a bonus a pace to show off your pride.
It will show up in the your posts.

Three items:
My Vehicle: (a drop down list to select)
My Vehicle Other: (free form alpha-numeric field to enter the car if not in the drop down list. My Wish for:

Here is what’s in the drop down list.
1300 Coupe
Accord CVCC
City Turbo
Civic 1200
Civic CVCC
CRX 1St Generation
Prelude 1St Generation
Triumph Acclaim

More can be added at any time.


Thanks for the great idea Thor


N360 / N600 / COUPE 7 Collection


Here’s the collection, I’ve made a new post to keep all progress of my Honda’s in one place.

the collection: (less the one at the painters)

hondascamp2Picked it up a couple weeks ago (02/04/2011), and have spent the last 7 days working on it, basically just getting this one ready for redo while I wait for the N600 to be done at the painters, it seems to have a good engine, no rattles or smoke etc.

problems/ fixes: had no starter generator on the motor (installed a spare i had)
dodgy regulator (replaced) wouldn’t run on fuel from the tank (replaced fuel tank and fuel gauge both were rusted badly) all brakes were leaking (cleaned and rebuilt with new seals) worn drivers cv joint (replaced with spare) cv joint boots split (replaced)
steering boots split (replaced) handbrake didn’t work (refitted and adjusted)
had other small things like broken steering wheel, steering column was is a million pieces. (all now fixed) had dirty great big stickers all over it ( removed)
also repainted all the badges on it.

Read and More pictures: Check Here